Climate change

Have we got our priorities right? Your opinion counts!

We would like to hear your views on our draft Climate Change Strategy, to see if we have got our priorities right.

Give us your opinion

We’ve been working with a group represented by councillors, businesses, residents and community organisations across the district. The Climate Change Working Group’s research has led to the creation of the draft strategy which looks to:

  • make Council activities carbon neutral as far as practical by 2030.
  • support partners, residents, and local businesses to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.
  • build resilient communities that adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Climate change is not something we can deal with alone but as a community we can make real lasting change.

Your feedback will help shape the final version of the strategy and future annual action plans in the areas of: resources, energy conservation, planning and development, transport, council assets and operations, natural environment and adapting to climate change.

The final Climate Change Strategy will be presented to Council later in the year and we will share what we have found out from asking you!

 The closing date for the engagement period for the draft climate change strategy will be Sunday 4 July 2021.

Download the full report