Climate change strategy

Strategy themes and priorities

A number of themes have emerged through the developments of this strategy and each of these themes has key priorities that will support the delivery of our overall climate change objectives.

  • Resources

    Our priorities include:

    • Conserve our natural resources
    • Reduce waste, increase recycling
    • Reduce use of non-renewable materials

    We must reduce our impact on the world’s natural resources, with a focus on fair and sustainable consumption and production. We need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by the production of goods and services and manage carefully the waste we produce. We need to adapt and reduce our current consumption patterns, and reuse and repair items rather than replace them.

    Whilst it may not currently be possible for all organisations to eliminate 100% of carbon emissions, this can be supplemented by carbon offsetting.

    • We will provide a role in facilitating between those who want to invest in offsetting measures and those who have schemes that provide an offsetting opportunity.
    • As a waste collection authority, our role in reducing, reusing and recycling of materials gives us the opportunity to support consumers and businesses to make better choices about their purchasing and disposal options. This needs to form a core part of our engagement plan. There will be changes to the way that the resources and waste are managed through the Environment Bill 2020.