Climate change strategy

Our commitment

We have been delivering a range of initiatives and projects to reduce the impacts of climate change and reduce carbon emissions.

Energy Use

  • We installed 8,700 energy saving measures. These include boilers, domestic solar installations, cavity wall and loft installation. This resulted in 1,000 tonnes of carbon saved.
  • Through the Essex Energy Switch, we encouraged 150,000 residents to switch energy provider. This saved £705,000.


  • Installed electric car chargers in car parks across the district.
  • Cycle scheme - 70 participants purchased bikes through the scheme.
  • Provision of secure bike storage at Causeway House and Lakes Road.
  • Provision of electric bikes for staff use.
  • Since 2015 we have saved 858 tonnes of CO2 in business travel.

Council Assets and Operations

  • 0.5MW solar panels installed on local authority owned buildings. This is generating £100k/pa combined income and saving.
  • Installed 30 secondary double glazed units, replaced 150 light bulbs and replaced gas boiler with an A rated replacement. We implemented this at Grade 2* listed Town Hall saving 15 tonnes of CO2 emissions since 2014.
  • Total Household Waste Collected 2010-2020 571,455 tonnes.
  • Total Household Waste Recycled 2010-2020 301,939 tonnes.
  • Total Percentage Recycled 2010-2020 52.84%.


  • We have saved 1252 tonnes of CO2 since 2015 through the reduction of our gas consumption.
  • We have saved 600 tones of CO2 since 2015 through the reduction of our electricity use.

Education, Engagement and Encouraging Behavioural Change

  • Stopped use of 22,000 single use plastic cups per year.

Natural Environment

  • Flood alleviation schemes – Foxearth/Steeple Bumpstead/Williams Drive, Braintree/Forest Road, Braintree.
  • Improvements in biodiversity woodlands – Hoppit Mead/Cuckoo Wood/Marks Farm/Nether Court.
  • Tree, bulb and shrub planting Jubilee Oaks project bulb planting across the District.
  • Support for Essex Forest schools tree planting projects.

Adapting to Climate Change

  • Community risk – more than 50% of parish councils have developed parish emergency plans.
  • Emergency Planning – Multi-agency flood plan. Emergency plans for severe weather in place.

Climate local commitment

The climate local commitment aims to support local authorities to:

  • reduce carbon emissions
  • increase resilience to a changing climate

We have signed the commitment and submitted our strategy and action plan.

The Local Government Association will review our commitment on a regular basis.

Home Energy Conservation Act 1995

Under the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995, we had to publish a report by 31 May 2019 outlining our plans to promote improved energy efficiency in different areas.

You can find more information on GOV.UK. 

Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report

 We have to create an annual report giving details of our emissions arising from: 

  • fleet and transport services
  • the energy consumption of our buildings.

You can download our annual emissions report for 2019-2020

ECO Flex

The ECO Flex Grants Scheme helps householders

  • on low incomes
  • who do not get means-tested benefits
  • who are vulnerable to the effects of living in a cold home

You can find more information on the ECO flex scheme  on GOV.UK.