Taxis and minicabs

About Hackney carriages and private hire vehicles

We have a responsibility to provide information on your rights to as a passenger in a Hackney carriage (taxi) or private hire vehicle (minicab) in our district.

Any vehicle which is used for the purpose of conveying passengers for hire or reward must be properly licensed to do so. This means that we

  • licence the drivers
  • make sure the vehicles are safe
  • they driver has the correct insurance

Taxis and minicabs offer similar services, but operate in a different way.

Hackney carriage

Hackney carriage is the official term used for a taxi.

Hackney carriages can:

  • carry passengers for hire or reward
  • be hailed by prospective passengers in the street
  • park on a rank to await the approach of passengers

Private hire vehicle

A private hire vehicle is:

  • a motor vehicle built or adapted to seat fewer than nine passengers, which is not a hackney carriage or public service vehicle
  • carries passengers for hire or reward by prior booking

Private hire vehicles can only take bookings through a licenced private hire operator.


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