Taxis and minicabs

Your rights as a passenger

When you hire a taxi or minicab you have certain rights. These are:

  • the driver must charge no more than the fare that is shown on the meter unless you agree a before the journey starts
  • the driver must take you to your destination by the shortest possible route unless you ask for a different route
  • the driver must not allow other passengers to share the vehicle without your agreement
  • if you ask the driver. They should help in loading and unloading luggage.
  • the driver should also carry it to or from a house, station or place where you are picked up or set down
  • the driver should not smoke in his vehicle


The driver must make sure that he has adequate insurance to cover you for the duration of your journey.

You may not be covered if the number of passengers carried exceeds what is permitted by the licence:

  • each person is a passenger regardless of age
  • the number of passengers the vehicle can carry is on the plate on the back of the vehicle
  • If you use a minicab, you may not be covered if you didn't pre book journey with the company's office beforehand and there is an accident which is the driver's fault.


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