Taxis and minicabs

Regulation of drivers and vehicles

We licence anyone who drives a taxi or minicab in our district and make sure the vehicles are safe.


We only issue licences to drivers after we have checked:

  • they have a valid driving licence
  • they are a fit and proper person
  • they understand the relevant law 

We also carry out medical and criminal checks:

  • when we first license a driver
  • at regular intervals

Licensed drivers must wear the ID card which includes their photograph.


When we license a vehicle fo the first time, it must be under five years old.

We make sure that vehicles are:

  • pass an inspection every six months to higher standards than the normal MOT test
  • are in a clean and tidy condition
  • display their license plate on the rear of the vehicle

We also carry out additional unscheduled inspections.


Address: Causeway House
Bocking End

Telephone: 01376 552525

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