Planning advice

Pre-application advice

PLEASE NOTE: The Development Management Service is experiencing a very high level of requests for pre application advice at present and unfortunately we are not always able to respond to requests in line with the service standard set out in the Guidance Notes. Please bear this in mind when deciding whether or not to seek the advice.

How to apply

Print and complete the Request for Pre-Application Planning Advice form stating the full site address and details of the proposal. A scaled location plan, and photographs will be required as necessary, together with the relevant fee (see fees above).

Request for Pre-Application Planning Advice form

Guidance notes

We are happy to receive your application by post or by email.  If you send by email, please note that there is a maximum email size limit of 10Mb so you may need to split your email messages.  Please send your documents to

Please can you include in your message how you wish to make the planning payment. We can arrange for a payment to made over the telephone by calling 01376 557779 or we are happy to receive payment by cheque, made payable to Braintree District Council. Please note that a cheque payment will delay the processing of your application.

For Pre-Application advice there is a formal approach for proposals for:

  • new dwellings
  • householder extensions and alterations
  • changes of use
  • industrial / commercial / retail development
  • listed building alterations and extensions. (Please note that all requests for advice on the general maintenance of Listed Buildings will continue to be provided at no charge.)

Detailed plans, a fee and completed application form are required for each enquiry.

Responses can be either by letter or discussed at a meeting with a follow up letter. We will aim to reply by letter within 28 days of receipt of the valid application. A meeting with relevant consultees, Case Officer and Area Manager (where appropriate), followed by a letter will normally take place within 35 days, where possible.

The fee

There is a fee for this service. The fee is dependent upon the type of development and advice required (see below). Please note that some fees have changed to include the fee for Listed Building Consent/Historic Building/Conservation Area advice where applicable. The fee is inclusive of VAT charged at the current rate.

Development Type Meeting* (up to 1 hour) & Written Response Follow-Up Written Response Written Advice Only

Strategic Major

Planning & Urban Design Advice

£1730 £865 Not Available

Strategic Major

Planning & Urban Design & Heritage Advice (Listed Building / Conservation Area)



Not Available

Large Scale Major

Planning & Urban Design Advice




Large Scale Major

Planning, Urban Design & Heritage Advice (Listed Building / Conservation Area)




Small Scale Major

Planning & Urban Design Advice




Small Scale Major

Planning, Urban Design & Heritage Advice (Listed Building / Conservation Area)




Minor Development




Minor Development & Heritage Advice (Listed Building / Conservation Area)








Householder & Heritage Advice

(Listed Building / Conservation Area)



Not available due to need for site visit

Listed Building Consent




*Please note that all meetings to be held at the Council offices at Causeway House, Bocking End, Braintree CM7 9HB.

**Please note that all meetings for ‘Householder & Heritage Advice’ and ‘Listed Building Consent’ will be held at the application site, unless otherwise agreed.

Please refer to the pre-application guidance notes to determine the fee payable for your pre-application request.  


Please note that any advice provided by the Council’s Officers is informal opinion only and is made without prejudice to any formal determination which may be given in the event of an application being submitted. In particular, it will not constitute a formal response or decision of the Council with regard to any future planning applications, which will be subject to wider consultation and publicity. Although the Case Officer may indicate the likely outcome of a subsequent planning application, no guarantees can or will be give about the decision.