Wildlife and conservation

Conservation grant scheme

We can provide funding to support planting and other schemes that:

  • benefit local wildlife
  • are accessible to the public

Our Conservation grant scheme provides funding for:

  • native tree, shrub and hedge planting in the countryside
  • tree surgery to important veteran/landmark trees
  • restoration of important hedgerows in the countryside. a once and for all
  • grant to bring hedgerows back into management.
  • restoration of farm ponds
  • restoration of woodland

Eligible schemes

To qualify for a grant, the scheme must be

  • of value to the quality of the landscape when seen from public roads, footpaths etc.
  • have plantings that are predominately of native species
  • in accordance with an agreed specification

We will give preference to schemes that form part of an overall conservation programme.

Non-eligible schemes

Some schemes are not eligible for grant funding including:

  • any scheme that you are developing to meet a condition of planning permission
  • schemes in private gardens and in built up areas. We may consider schemes in large gardens in the countryside
  • any scheme which is eligible for grant aid from any other source such as he Forestry commission or Defra

Levels of grant available

Our grants cover the cost of plants and materials, plus labour only if a you engage a contractor. The grant does not cover any VAT.

There are two levels of grant for planting schemes:

  1. for schemes of up to 100 plants,we will supply all the plants and materials such as rabbit guards and so on
  2. for schemes  over 100 plants we will provide a maximum cash grant of 40 percentof the cost excluding VAT(ie:- rabbit

For all other schemes, we will provide a  maximum grant of 30 percent of the actual cost excluding VAT.

You should not begin work until we have confirmed in writing that we are awarding you a grant and how much it is for.

Apply for a grant

You can contact our Landscape Services team for an application form.

We will also send you a list of contractors who can give you  a quote for your scheme.

When you send us your application you should include:

  • your name, address and contact details
  • the name and location of your scheme
  • details of what you scheme is for
  • a sketch plan of your proposals
  • how much the scheme will cost
  • how much grant funding you are looking for

You should not begin work until we have confirmed in writing that we are awarding you a grant and how much it is for.

After we receive your application

Once we receive your application, we will review it and write to you to tell you

  • if we are going to make a grant
  • how much the grant is for
  • what the arrangements are for the collection or delivery of plants and materials

Once you have finished your scheme one of our Landscape Services officers will visit the site to carry out an inspection.

If we are making a cash grant:

  • we will only make payment when you have submited an invoice you have paid
  • pay the lower of the actual cost or the amount on the quote

If we make a grant, you will have to enter into an agreement with us to properly manage the scheme. We will also carry out regular inspections to

  • make sure you are meeting the conditions of your grant
  • offer advice on managing the scheme if you need it

Landscape Services

Address: Causeway House
Bocking End

Telephone: 01376 552525