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Braintree and Witham market to begin phased reopening from 6th June

Braintree and Witham market to begin phased reopening from 6th June

Braintree District Council will begin its phased reopening of Braintree and Witham markets from Saturday 6th June.

Following the government’s announcement of the reopening of outdoor markets, Witham market will reopen from Saturday 6th June and Braintree market from Wednesday 10th June. The Council is working with traders on the preparations needed to work safely and measures they need to follow for the safety of staff, traders and public.

This includes making changes to the stalls position in the town to maintain social distancing, hygiene facilities and measures, as well as signage to remind customers how to stay safe when waiting to be served.

Traders will be encouraged to provide contactless payment where possible, use hand sanitiser and work with customers to ensure safe queuing. If customers are paying by cash, they are being asked to provide the correct change where possible.

Customers are also being asked to wash their hands as often as they can, browse but not touch items on the stalls and to keep a safe distance.

Traders are being invited back to the markets in a phased approach to ensure adequate space for customers and the traders to shop and browse safely and maintain social distancing.

Councillor Tom Cunningham, Cabinet Member for Economic Development, said: “As we begin to slowly return to normality, the re-opening our high streets will be key to kick-starting our economic recovery. The safety of our customers, traders and market team is our utmost priority, and we’re supporting our traders to ensure they have measures in place to operate safely when they return to the market over the next few weeks. We know people are eager to return to the markets and support our traders, and we urge people to remember to follow the safety advice in place, to keep social distancing and keep everyone as healthy and safe as possible.”

Both markets have remained partially open throughout the coronavirus pandemic to allow shoppers to buy food and essential items from a small number of stalls.

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