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Celebrating our Braintree district heroes during COVID-19

Celebrating our Braintree district heroes during COVID-19

Braintree District Council is looking to celebrate and say thank you to the heroes in the Braintree district who are doing incredible work in the battle against Coronavirus (COVID-19).

From friends, neighbours and family working on the front line to volunteers supporting their communities to people going the extra mile to show kindness to others facing hardship, we want to find and shine a light on those little pockets of brilliance.

The Council will be publishing stories about the efforts and achievements of residents who are helping in the fight against coronavirus. Tell us about your hero by sending an email to [email protected] or getting in touch with us on social media.

Councillor Graham Butland, Leader of Braintree District Council, said: “We know that so many people in our community are playing a vital role during this extraordinary time. Whether you work in the care sector or in the NHS or emergency services or maybe you work in a supermarket, we want to thank you. There are so many wonderful stories out there amongst the sadness and we want to give the whole district a morale boost by telling them.”

Tell us who you want us to celebrate, what they’ve done and what it means to you.