Cressing Neighbourhood Plan takes step forward

Cressing Neighbourhood Plan takes step forward

Cressing plan can now proceed to referendum.

Residents in the Cressing Parish will soon have their say on the Cressing Neighbourhood Plan as part of a local planning referendum.

The plan, created by Cressing Parish Council, gives local communities direct power to guide and shape the future of their Parish.

Cressing Parish Council started its neighbourhood plan process in 2013. The plan has been subject to public consultation and has been reviewed by an independent examiner who suggested a small number of minor modifications.

The plan, alongside the report by an independent examiner, was discussed at a meeting of Braintree District Council’s cabinet on Monday, December 2.

Braintree District Council considered the independent examiner’s recommendations and modifications and agreed that the revised plan can now proceed to referendum.

In order to be adopted, the plan must have the support of more than 50 per cent of those voting in the referendum and must then be agreed at Braintree District Council’s Full Council.

Once adopted the plan becomes part of the Development Plan for the Braintree District and used in the determination of planning applications in Cressing.

Councillor Gabrielle Spray, Cabinet Member for Planning at Braintree District Council, said: “Congratulations must go to the parish council and the neighbourhood plan group on producing such an excellent document. I know how much hard work goes into these plans and the dedication and commitment shines through in this plan. I look forward to seeing the result of the referendum when it takes place in the New Year. ”

Susan Simpson from Cressing Neighbourhood Plan group and Cressing Parish Council said: “Many people have been involved in getting this plan to this very significant point. Creating a neighbourhood plan isn’t something to be undertaken lightly, it needs a large amount of time and commitment from many people but we firmly believe that communities should be involved in trying to shape the future of the places they live and work so the time and commitment has been worth it.”

A referendum will be held in the New Year once a date has been formalised.

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