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Local plan - Technical Section 1 examination 2019

Local plan - Technical Section 1 examination 2019

Q&A on how best to respond to the consultation

Residents across North Essex are being urged to have their say on the additional evidence being submitted to the Planning Inspector supporting the development of three new garden communities in Braintree, Colchester and Tendring.

We have produce these question and answers to help you respond to the Technical Section 1 Examination Consultation.

What are you consulting on?

We are consulting on 12 documents which make up the additional evidence being submitted to the Planning Inspector supporting the development of three new garden communities in Braintree, Colchester and Tendring.

These documents are:

  1. Suggested Amendments to the Publication Draft Braintree, Colchester & Tendring Local Plans: Section One - July 2019
  2. Habitats Regulation Assessment North Essex Authorities Strategic S1 Local Plan
  3. Modal Share Strategy for the North Essex Garden Communities
  4. NE Garden Communities: Infrastructure Planning, Phasing and Delivery
  5. North Essex Authorities Infrastructure Order of Costs Estimate
  6. North Essex Authorities: Build Out Rates at the Garden Communities
  7. North Essex Authorities: Delivery Mechanisms Position Statement
  8. North Essex Authorities: Section 1 Viability Assessment
  9. North Essex Authorities: State Aid Position Statement
  10. North Essex Garden Communities: Employment Provision
  11. North Essex Rapid Transit System: From Vision to Plan
  12. Additional Sustainability Appraisal (SA)

The Planning Inspector has published an explanatory note (IED/016) which confirms how the consultation fits into the rest of the examination.

When does the consultation end?

The consultation runs until 5pm on Monday 30 September. 

Where can I read the documents?

You can read the documents here:

You don’t need to register on the portal to read the documents.

How can I respond to the Technical Section 1 Examination 2019?

The easiest way is to register on our online portal ( You will need to give your full details, email address and create a password. 

Once you have received the confirmation email and activated it you are ready to go.

Log in and choose the document you want to read and comment on, you can download the document.

When you are ready you can add your comments to the portal by clicking add comments.

If you are having any problems registering or using the consultation portal call us (01376 552525 or [email protected])

Is there somewhere I can put general comments?

This technical consultation is specifically about the additional evidence base documents and our suggested amendments to the Plan.

The general consultation on the Local Plan took place in 2016 and 2017.

I am having difficulties with the portal!

Give the planning policy team a call (01376 552525) or email us on [email protected] and we can talk you through it.

There is also a site tour on the site – but you will need to enable flash to view this.

What if I don’t want to use the consultation portal?

There is a downloadable response form available

The documents are too technical, I can’t understand them?

The Planning Inspector has asked the local authorities to produce evidence to support the Local Plan, much of which is of a technical nature.

Many of the documents have summaries at the beginning and ends which may help.

Call us if you have any questions about any of the documents (01376 552525 or [email protected])

What happens next?

All the comments will be sent to the Planning Inspector.


Why didn't you hold face to face events as part of the consultation?

As part of the local plan process we have held 25 face to face public engagement events. This latest round of consultation only relates to 12 technical documents which were produced at the request of the Planning Inspector. The methods used during this consultation were agreed with the Planning Inspector.

By its very nature this consultation is much more technical than previous local plan consultations and as such we have carried out the following:

  1. Written to everyone either by letter or email who has previously responded to local plan consultations.
  2. Sent a leaflet to every home in the district to make them aware of the consultation.
  3. Advertised the consultation in our local media on our council page.
  4. Used social media, e-newsletters and our website to highlight the consultation.

All 12 documents can be viewed online, at Causeway House in Braintree and in the main libraries in the district.

Anyone who has any questions on the consultation should not hesitate to ring or email BDC’s planning policy team  (01376 552525 or [email protected]).