Bring ID to vote for the local elections on May 2, 2019

Bring ID to vote for the local elections on May 2, 2019

Residents in the Braintree District will have to bring one piece of photo ID or two pieces of non-photo ID when they vote in the local elections on May 2, 2019.

Braintree District Council is taking part in a trial which will provide the Cabinet Office with further insight into how best to strengthen and secure the voting process.

Returning Officer Andy Wright, who is also Braintree District Council’s Chief Executive, said: “It is great that our residents are playing a leading role in strengthening the democratic process.

“We’re already used to using ID to pick up valuable packages from the Post Office. In a democracy our right to vote is one of the most valuable things we have and even though it’s not tangible like a parcel we need to make sure it’s safe and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. It shouldn’t seem at all strange that we need to use ID for this most valuable of things.

“We have no evidence that there has been any voter fraud within the Braintree District, however this puts us in a good position to trial Voter ID to ensure that a solution to issues elsewhere can be effectively used in a location such as ours.”

Residents should bring the following when they attend their polling station to vote:

• one piece of photo ID such as a passport, photo-driving licence, bus pass.


• two pieces of non-photo ID such as a poll card, utility bill, bank/building society/credit card statement, debit/credit card.

Other pieces of ID will be accepted. Visit for a full list. 

Anyone without the required identification will be able to apply to Braintree District Council for an Electoral Identity Document. Residents can apply for one of these up until 5pm on Wednesday, May 1.

Braintree District Council has today (Monday, February 25th) started its campaign to spread the message to residents. Over the coming weeks the council will send information directly to all residents as well as advertising reminder messages in local newspapers, on outdoor media such as bus shelters and waste collection vehicles as well as digital media including social media. The council will also include the Voter ID messages on pharmacy bags in the district.

The council is using its links into more hard to reach communities to address any concerns people in those communities may have.

Its Elections Team is on hand if residents have any concerns or queries regarding the Voter ID trial or the elections generally. Residents can call 01376 552525 or email via

Postal vote arrangements have not changed. Braintree District Council is one of a number of local authorities across England taking part in the Voter ID trials. Each local authority is testing different aspects of identification. The Braintree District Council trial does not include postal votes. There are other pilots testing postal voting.