The very greenest of projects

"Our solar panels on the building contributes to the car charger’s electricity"

Owners of electric vehicles can now charge their car when visiting Causeway House in Bocking End, Braintree as part of the Council’s commitment to the environment.

There are now two Council-owned chargers in the district –  a rapid charger in George Yard and a fast charger at Causeway House.

Cllr Wendy Schmitt, Cabinet Member for Environment and Place, said:

“We want to support drivers who use electric vehicles and we’re committed to doing our bit to help address poor air quality and the impact of climate change. It is the very greenest of projects as the solar panels on the building contributes to the car charger’s electricity. We will explore the opportunity of installing similar electric chargers in other carpark locations around the district.”

The new dual 22kW FAST charger has been supplied and commissioned by Chargemaster and owners of electric cars will need to be subscribers of either ChargeYourCar or Chargemaster POLAR and will be charged a minimum fee of £1.50 plus a £0.30 pence per kWh.

Your questions answers:

Is this a profit making scheme?


Why are you doing this? 

We're responding to the Government drive for electric vehicles by providing infrastructure, its not for us to question manufacturers.

How long does it take to charge a car ?

Charging time depends on the vehicle, this 22kW charger is more geared up for 'top-up' charging when people are out and about, we also have the rapid charger at George Yard for full charges.

Can you fit a Tesla in bay?

The size of the bay should accommodate all current electric vehicles

Are the parking fees?