Community Safety Partnership and charity joins up with superstore to highlight domestic abuse help

Community Safety Partnership along with Safer Places UK has come together to raise awareness about domestic abuse in the Braintree District.

Braintree District Community Safety Partnership, together with charity Safer Places UK, is encouraging those affected by domestic abuse to come forward and seek advice and support as part of its Are You Always Walking on Egg Shells? Campaign.

Throughout November and December, people buying products from Argos in Braintree will have notice the message ‘Are You Always Walking on Egg Shells?’ alongside contact details for independent charity Safer Places UK printed on the back of their receipts.
Councillor Wendy Schmitt, Cabinet Member responsible for Community Safety, said: “Essex Police record more than 17 domestic abuse related crimes every week in the Braintree District however we know that there are many more people affected. The main aim of our campaign is to encourage victims, friends and family of victims to come forward and seek advice or support. During the last two months we have managed to highlight the good work of Safer Places on more than 35,000 Argos receipts. We want to make sure that our residents are safe and feel they can come forward for help..”
This campaign was part of Braintree District Community Safety Partnership’s goal to help raise awareness of domestic abuse.

The Braintree District Community Safety Partnership is made up of Braintree District Council, Essex Police, Essex Fire & Rescue Service and other services who are all committed to reducing the risk and impact of hidden harm in the Braintree District.

Those affected by domestic abuse can call Safer Places UK on 03301 025811. Their experts are there 24/7 and will be happy to help.