Temporary event notice

After you apply for a Temporary event notice

Once we receive your application, we will:

  • acknowledge the notice by the next working day
  • contact the relevant consultees, including Essex Police, to confirm they have received your application
  • the consultees have three working days to put forward any objections
  • we will notify you within three working days in the event the licensing authority receives an objection 

Tacit consent

If you do not hear from us after three working days after submitting your application, you can consider that we have accepted your application.

if we receive representations tacit consent does not apply and we will hold a public hearing to determine your application.

We will hold the public hearing within seven working days after the last date for representation. We may extend the hearing date beyond seven working days if we consider it is in the public interest to do so.


We can’t refuse a temporary event notice unless the Police or Environmental Health object to it.

We must receive any objections within three working days from the submission of the Temporary event notice.

Objections can only be made if they think your event could:

  • lead to crime and disorder
  • cause a public nuisance
  • be a threat to public safety
  • put children at risk of harm

If there’s an objection, our Licensing Committee will hold a hearing no later than 24 hours before the event (unless all parties agree that a hearing isn’t needed).

At the hearing, our Licensing Committee will either approve, add conditions or reject the Notice.

If the Police or Environmental Health object to a late Temporary even notice, the notice won’t be valid and you can’t hold the event.

Unsuccessful applicants and objectors may appeal to the magistrates’ court within 21 days of the decision. There are no appeals against decisions on late temporary event notices.


Address: Causeway House
Bocking End

Telephone: 01376 552525