Taxi and private hire licensing

Licenced vehicle feedback

We licence Hackney Carriages (taxis that have white plates) and Private hire vehicles (minicabs that have yellow Plates) in our district.

The condition of vehicles and behaviour of drivers are subject to a set of clear standards with penalties for non-compliance.

You can use our online form to gives us both positive and negative feedback. We need as much information as possible to either identify a vehicle or a driver including:

  • the license number of the vehicle
  • the registration number (even part of the registration number is helpful)
  • the make, model and colour of the vehicle
  • the time and place of your journey

Give us your feedback

We take complaints against licensed vehicles or drivers very seriously. Our Licensing team. will look into every complaint we receive.

However, we do not deal with allegations of dangerous or irresponsible driving. these are criminal offences and you must report these to the police.

Lost property

Hackney carriage and private hire vehicle will take lost property to Essex police or ou Licensing team. You can contact our Licensing team to find out if your property has been handed into us.



Address: Causeway House
Bocking End

Telephone: 01376 552525

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