Bouncing back together - October 2021 to March 2023

Measuring success

Measuring success

In addition to the projects and actions described in this plan, we also measure the following performance indicators. The majority of the indicators focus on what the Council is directly delivering, whilst some will focus on broader priorities and how delivery of our actions contribute to the overall picture of what is happening in the district.

Connecting people and places

  • Number of affordable homes delivered
  • Percentage of superfast broadband coverage across the district
  • Number of homes granted outline and full planning permission

Enhancing our environment 

  • Percentage of household waste sent for reuse, recycling and composting
  • Kilograms of residual household waste collected per household
  • The percentage of land that falls below cleanliness standards for litter
  • The percentage of accessible non-hazardous fly tips on public land cleared within 24 hours of report
  •  Number of residents assisted in installing energy saving measures (reported yearly) 

Supporting our communtities

  • Average waiting time for applicants on the Disabled Facilities Grant (calculated in days from point of referral to approval)
  • Participation levels across all our sports centres
  • Percentage of adults being active for 150 minutes per week
  • Number of customers using our Handyman scheme
  • Number of homelessness cases prevented

Promoting Prosperity

  • Percentage of people in the district claiming out of work benefits rate (aged 16 - 64)
  • Number of new business startups across the district
  • Number of businesses that have contacted us for business support

Delivering and innovation

  • Percentage of calls resolved at first point of contact in the Customer Service Centre
  • Percentage of invoices paid within 30 days of receipt
  • Number of people transacting with us online
  • Time taken to process housing benefit/council tax benefit new claims
  • Time taken to process housing benefit claim changes
  • Percentage of stage 1 complaints responded to within 7 working days
  • Collection rate for Council Tax
  • Collection rate for Business Rates
  • Customer satisfaction with the Council (reported at the end of consultation period)