Bouncing back together - October 2021 to March 2023

Enhancing our environment

Enhancing our environment

Our priorities

  • Ensure our district is clean and well maintained with high quality parks and green spaces
  •  Encourage others to change their behaviour to protect and enhance the environment
  •  Minimise pollution by promoting sustainable energy sources, construction and transport
  •  Ensure Braintree District Council reduces its own environmental impact and be carbon neutral where practical by 2030
  • Support residents and businesses to reduce, re-use and recycle

We will

  • Carry out air quality reviews in known air pollution hot spots across the district to improve the knowledge of local air quality and the proposed actions to take
  •  Provide replacement litter bins along the A120 and A12 to keep laybys litter free and our district clean and tidy
  • Continue to deliver campaigns and work with our communities to:
    • Reduce litter, keeping our district clean and tidy
    • Reduce waste and increase recycling
    • Improve awareness and understanding of climate change
  • Carry out drainage works at Braintree cemetery to eliminate flooding and increase burial capacity
  • Carry out refurbishments to eight play areas across the district providing improved facilities for young people to enjoy
  • Consult with local residents and users of our skate parks at Weavers Park in Braintree and Spa Road in Witham around replacement of facilities
  • Create a garden of remembrance at Bocking cemetery providing a peaceful environment for families to visit

Working together we will

  • Deliver actions set out in our Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan to achieve our long term aims of being a carbon neutral district
  • Involve residents and communities in tree and bulb planting across the district
  • Complete our trial of anti-litter signage and continue to deter people from littering along highway verges