Your guide to Council Tax virtual brochure 2023/24

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What your Parish or Town Council receives

We share each Parish Council’s Council Tax requirement (how much they need), based on a band D charge. Parish and Town Councils need extra money to pay for things like community centres, footpaths and extra street lighting. View the council tax bands

If the Parish or Town Council raises more than £140,000 from its local taxpayers, it must publish information about its spending plans. You can view the spending plans for Coggeshall Parish, Halstead and Witham Town Councils. 

Paying your council tax

You can pay your council tax in the following ways:

  • Direct Debit
  • Debit/Credit Card payments
  • Online banking
  • Payment at Post Offices or PayPoint outlets
  • Payment by Standing Order/Bank Transfer

You can find out more about these payment types.



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How your Council Tax is shared

Who pays Council Tax

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Braintree District Council spending plan

Braintree District Council income

About Council Tax

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About Local Council Tax Support

Appealing Decisions

Exempt properties

Difficulty paying

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Empty homes premium

Single person discount

People with disabilities

Annexe discount

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What your Parish or Town Council receives

Paying your council tax

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