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About Local Council Tax Support

If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax bill due to a low income, you may be entitled to help through the Local Council Tax Support.

Contact our Benefits team on 01376 557852 or visit our Council Tax support page.

Appealing Decisions

If you have applied for Local Council Tax Support and you disagree with the decision, write to us stating the grounds on which you are aggrieved. If we cannot resolve your grievance within 2 months, you may appeal to the Valuation Office Tribunal.

If you think your council tax bill is incorrect and you think you should pay less or none at all, write to us stating your appeal.

You cannot withhold payment of your Council Tax while the matter is investigated/ under appeal.

Difficulty paying

We are here to help you.

Contact us as soon as possible on 01376 557722 or email

We only send two reminders in the year. Following that, should the bill remain unpaid, a summons and possibly a liability order will be issued which will incur additional costs being added to your account.

Discount and exemption changes

You must tell us within 21 days about anything that could affect an exemption or discount you receive. If you fail to tell us in this timescale you may be subject to a £70 penalty.

Exempt properties

Some properties are exempt from Council Tax. The exemption depends on the property class and can be for occupied and unoccupied properties. You can view full guidance on the different property classes that may be exempt online. Or you can contact our Revenues team.

If you apply for a Council Tax exemption you must continue to pay your Council Tax bill while you are waiting for our decision.
If you fail to pay existing instalments we will take recovery action.



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About Local Council Tax Support

Appealing Decisions

Exempt properties

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