MiDas training

The accessible certificate

The accessible certificate is for those carrying wheelchair users 

The accessible certificate takes 8 hours to complete. This includes an hour break for lunch. We can shorten the course to 7 hours and 30 minutes with a half hour lunch break if requested.

The certificate costs £150 per person to take.

We are flexible and will work with you to find a suitable date for the training. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or for any queries.

We have two experienced Driver Assessor Trainers who are Braintree District Council employees. To offer you the highest level of training we work with no more than two people at a time. The training takes place in Braintree in one of our in-house accessible vehicles. This is a 12 seater converted Renault Master.

You must pay in full when your have agreed a training date.

The course covers all aspects of the standard certificate. This course also covers a practical assessment after a demonstration which covers:

  • safe use of ramps and tail lifts
  • wheelchair and passenger restraint equipment and how to use it
  • Department for Transport codes of practice on safe carriage of passengers in wheelchairs
  • good practice on passenger assistance procedures
  • health and safety at work with manual handling
  • information on disability, carrying children and professional etiquette

At the end of this session you must sit a further written exam paper consisting of 10 questions. 8 or more of your answer must be correct.

Issuing of Certificate

When you complete the course, we will present you with the MiDas certificate. This certificate is valid for 4 years.