Social media

Using images of you

If we take photos or videos of you, we need your consent to use them.

We use these photos or videos for:

  • a press release
  • a promotional publication, display, presentation or award
  • an event
  • our website
  • our social media platforms
  • our Youtube channel
  • advertising

We will not use any photos or videos of you for any purpose that is not listed.

As we use your photos and videos on public channels, anyone can see them. This is not restricted to the United Kingdom.

We will submit some of your photos or videos to third parties if they need them. These would be for awards entries or news articles. Third parties that we work with can use your photos or videos online and in their press releases.

We store all photos and videos of you in a secure location. We only allow specific members of staff to access them.

We keep all photos and videos for 5 years from the date we take them. After this time has passed, we delete all copies of them from our files.

Any data that we handle is subject to our privacy notices. We publish this information on our privacy pages.

Giving us your consent

To give us your consent, we need you to complete our consent form.

Give us your consent for photo and video use

To complete this form you will need to tell us:

  • your name
  • your address
  • your email address
  • your telephone number
  • where we take the photos or videos
  • which event we take the photos or videos at