Vehicle licences

Private hire vehicle license plate exemption

It is a legal requirement that private hire vehicles display an identification plate (licence plate).

Displaying a licence plate on a Private hire vehicle and a driver’s badge is important because it provides public safety and reassurance. The licence plate shows the public that we have checked the driver and vehicle and they meet our standards.


Displaying a licence plate externally may deter some corporate customers from using the service. In some circumstances clearly identifying the vehicle as a Private hire vehicle may allow individuals to target high risk passengers. This will put both the passenger and the driver at risk.

We do not intend for all private hire vehicles in our district to be exempt from displaying licence plates. However, we recognise that there may be circumstances when it would be appropriate for vehicles to be exempt from this requirement.

Apply for a Private hire vehicle exemption

You must licence your vehicle as a Private hire vehicle before you can apply for an exemption.

To apply for a Private hire vehicle exemption you need to:

  • send us a completed application form
  • contact our Licensing team to arrange for an officer to view the vehicle to see if it is suitable for an exemption

We do not charge for Private hire vehicle exemptions.

You can and read our private hire vehicle exemption policy and guidance for more information.


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