Street trading licence

Apply for street trading consent

Before you apply for Street trading consent, you need to choose a location that you think is suitable for the type of trading you want to carry out.

Once you have found your location you can download and complete the application form

Apply for a Street trading consent 

When you have completed the application form you need to email it to our Licensing team with:

  • A location plan of the area where you wish to trade
  • A photograph of the vehicle you wish to trade from
  • the fee
  • proof that you have registered with us if you are selling food
  • the correct fee

Landlords Consent: Please be advised before submitting an application that you have received permission from the landowner to trade from the specified location.  Receiving Street Trading Consent from the District Council does not substitute this requirement.



The fees for Street trading consent are:

  • Annual licence to trade one day a week £111.00
  • Annual licence to trade two days a week £194.00
  • Annual licence to trade three days a week £265.00
  • Annual licence to trade four days a week £332.00
  • Annual licence to trade five days a week £441.00
  • Annual licence to trade six days a week £498.00
  • Annual licence to trade seven days a week £553.00
  • Single day's trading for one trader £23.00
  • Single day's trading for between 2 and 10 traders £44.00
  • Single day's trading for between 11 and 19 traders £60.00
  • Single day's trading for over 20 traders £77.00


Once we receive your application, we will:

  • acknowledge it within three working days

  • validate your application

If the application is valid we will start a 28 day consultation process with:

  • the Police
  • Essex County Highways
  • Environmental Health
  • our Planning team
  • the relevant district ward member

We may also consult similar businesses that may be affected by your application.


We will give you express notice of whether or not we have granted your Street trading consent. 
The notice will detail the grounds for the decision and state that within seven days of the notice you can request in writing the opportunity to make representations.

If we do not receive any objections to your application we will grant a Street trading consent application then consent will be granted.

If we receive any objections, we will take the application to the Licensing Committee for councillors to consider.

We will notify you once our Licensing Committee have made their decison.

We will refund your fee if we refuse your application for any reason.

We may refuse your Street trading consent if:

  • adverse comments are received from the consulted parties
  • there isn't enough space in the street you wish to trade in, without causing interference or inconvenience to street users
  • you have previously failed to pay fees due under another street trading licence or have failed to use a previous street trading licence

Under certain circumstances, we may still grant a Street trading consent but it may be for fewer days than you applied for or to allow trade in certain items only.

We will either grant your Street trading consent or serve a notice on you within a reasonable time.  We will serve the notice if we intend to:

  • refuse the application
  • grant it on different terms than those you applied for
  • confine trading to a particular place in a street
  • vary the conditions of a licence
  •  revoke a licence

We may revoke a Street trading consent after we have granted it. This may be for a variety of reasons such as:

  • non compliance with conditions
  • non payment
  • because other agencies such as highways department require access to the trading location

We will give you at least 10 days notice if we revoke your Street trading consent.

Appeal our decison

If we refuse your application for a Street trading consent you can appeal to our Head of Environment to review the decision

You should contact our Licensing team to discus your appeal.


Address: Causeway House
Bocking End

Telephone: 01376 552525

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