Driver's licences

Notification of convictions

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

While our offices are shut, we have put special arrangements are in place for driver and vehicle renewals. You can contact the Licensing team for more information.

If you have a Driver's licence for a Hackney carriage (taxi) or a Private hire vehicle (minicab) you must notify us of any convictions you receive.

You can use our online form to tell us about your conviction.

Tell us about a conviction

You must notify us within seven days if you are reported or arrested for any:

  • criminal offences involving violence
  • endorsable motoring offence involving reckless driving, drink or drugs

You must notify us within seven days if you are convicted whether or not you have appeared at court. A conviction includes receiving a fixed penalty notice.

You must notify us if you are disqualified from driving by a court.

You must also notify us of any endorsable offence you have committed while driving a Private hire vehicle involving:

  • lack of compulsory insurance
  • lack of test certificate
  • defective tyres
  • defective steering
  • defective brakes
  • dangerous parts


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