Invite the Chairman to an event

Submit an invitation to the Chairman

You need to complete our online form to invite the Chairman to your event.

Invite the Chairman to an event

To make sure we have the proper arrangements in place you will need to include the following:

  • the name, address and contact details of your organisation
  • the date and time of the event including the time you want the Chairman to arrive and leave
  • the address and postcode of the event
  • the Chairman's role at the event including if you want them to make a speech
  • the names and titles of other dignitaries attending the event
  • the details on your organisation including:
    • how long the organisation has been going
    • its aims and activities
    • details of its membership
    • any notable successes and achievements
    • anything else which is special about the organisation or which you think would interest the Chairman

Once we receive your invitation, the Civic Office will find out if the Chairman is able to attend your event.

We will send you an e-mail within five working days letting you know if the Chairman can attend.

If the Chairman cannot attend your event, we may ask if you would like the Vice-chairman to attend in their place.

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