Feering NPR Election Results - Elections


I Dan Gascoyne, being the Returning Officer at the above referendum held on Thursday 27 October 2022, do hereby give notice that the results of the votes cast is as follows:


Do you want Braintree District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Feering to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

  Votes Recorded Percentage
Number cast in favour of a Yes 414 94.68 %
Number cast in favour of a No 23  5.25 %


The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows: Number of ballot papers
A     want of an official mark 0
B     voting for more answers than required 0
C     writing or mark by which voter could be identified 0
D     being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty 1
E     rejected in part 0
Total 1
  • Electorate: 1774
  • Ballot Papers Issued: 438
  • Turnout: 24.68%

And I do hereby declare that more than half of those voting have voted in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan.

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