The Leader and the Cabinet

Leader of Council

Braintree District Council has adopted Executive (Cabinet) arrangements as permitted by the Local Government Act 2000 and operates with a Leader and Cabinet.  

The Leader of the Braintree District Council is Councillor Graham Butland.

At our Annual General Meeting on 21 May 2019, the 49 elected Members appointed Councillor Butland as the Leader and he is appointed for a four-year term of office.

The Leader of the Council allocates Executive (Cabinet) functions to:

  • Himself
  • the Cabinet
  • a Cabinet Member under a Scheme of Delegation
  • a Sub-Committee of Cabinet
  • an Officer under a Scheme of Delegation

The Leader may appoint a Deputy Leader, who will exercise powers of the Leader when they are absent.

The Leader has appointed Councillor Tom Cunningham as his Deputy Leader.

The Scheme of Delegation to Cabinet Members is set out in Section 24 of Chapter four of the Constitution

The Cabinet

The Leader of the Council appoints the Cabinet, which cannot exceed 10 Members including the Leader.  Members of the Cabinet are Councillors from the majority Political Group who form the Administration of the Council.

As of 13 December 2021, the Cabinet consists of the Leader and eight Cabinet Members.

The Leader divides Cabinet responsibilities into portfolios and allocates these to Members of the Cabinet.

There are seven portfolios which the Leader has assigned to one of the three Corporate Priorities of Innovative Environment, Connecting People and Prosperity and Supporting Our Communities.  The Leader’s Portfolio has strategic oversight of the Cabinet Functions.

Cabinet Member Portfolios

Leader of the Council: Councillor Graham Butland

Portfolio: Overall Strategy

  • Overall Vision and Strategic Direction
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • COVID 19 response
  • Strategic Economic Growth
  • Promotion of the District
  • Communications
  • External Relations
  • Investment and Development Programme
  • Electoral Administration
  • Levelling-up White Paper

Corporate Priority: Innovative Environment

Cabinet Member: Councillor John McKee

Portfolio: Finance and Corporate Transformation

  • Medium-Term Financial Strategy
  • Financial and Treasury Management 
  • Customer Services
  • Procurement
  • Corporate Governance
  • Member Support and Development
  • HR and Organisational Development
  • Health and Safety
  • Risk Management
  • ICT
  • Digital Strategy
  • Performance Management
  • Specific Major Projects relevant to the Portfolio

Cabinet Member: Councillor Mrs Wendy Schmitt

Portfolio: Climate Change and The Environment

  • Climate Change
  • Street Cleansing and Parks
  • Landscapes and Countryside
  • Building Control
  • Environmental Health
  • Emergency Planning

Cabinet Member: Councillor Richard van Dulken

Portfolio: Operations and Commercialisation

  • Waste Strategy
  • Parking & Highways
  • Licensing
  • Commercialisation and Income Generation
  • Efficiency and Improvement Programme

Corporate Priority: Connecting People, Places and Prosperity

Cabinet Member: Councillor Tom Cunningham

Portfolio: Economic Growth

  • Economic Development Strategies & COVID Recovery
  • North Essex Economic Board & Regional Partnerships
  • Business Engagement and Support
  • Employment Site Strategy
  • Inward Investment
  • Digital Connectivity
  • Town Centre Renewal Strategies and Improvements
  • Specific Major Projects relevant to the Portfolio

Cabinet Member: Councillor Kevin Bowers

Portfolio: Housing, Assets and Skills

  • Housing Development 
  • Housing Strategy
  • Homelessness
  • Affordable Housing Delivery
  • Asset Management
  • Enterprise Centre Portfolio and Strategy
  • Skills & Education Improvement
  • Specific Major Projects relevant to the Portfolio

Cabinet Member: Councillor Mrs Gabrielle Spray

Portfolio: Planning and Infrastructure

  • Local Plan
  • Development Management
  • Planning Enforcement
  • Landscape Services
  • Infrastructure

Corporate Priority: Supporting Our Communities

Cabinet Member: Councillor Peter Tattersley

Portfolio: Health and Wellbeing

  • Health Improvement
  • Health Partnerships
  • Livewell Programme
  • Emotional Health and Well-being
  • Leisure Centres
  • Sports Development
  • Safeguarding
  • Older People
  • Children and Young People

Cabinet Member: Councillor Frankie Ricci

Portfolio: Communities

  • Community Safety
  • Welfare Reform
  • Local Community Engagement
  • Voluntary Sector
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Community Facilities and Support
  • Community Transport
  • Rural Communities
  • External Funding
  • Armed Forces Covenant
  • Cycling Strategy
  • Heritage Services
  • Tourism
  • Specific Major Projects relevant to the Portfolio

Cabinet Support Members

From time to time the Leader may appoint Cabinet Support Members who may assist and work with the Cabinet Members in the exercise of their roles and responsibilities.

Cabinet Support Members are entitled to attend Cabinet meetings and only at the Leader’s discretion participate in the debate.  Cabinet Support Members cannot vote and have no decision making powers.

A Cabinet Support Member has been assigned to each of the Corporate Priorities and will support the Cabinet Members whose Portfolio is assigned the same priority.

As of 13 December 2021, there are no Cabinet Support Members. 

Updated: 21 December 2021


Governance and Members

Address: Causeway House
Bocking End

Telephone: 01376 552525