Purchase orders and payments

You should not supply any goods or services to us without a valid purchase order number.

We may refuse to pay your invoice if you do not provide a relevant purchase order number quoted on your invoice.

We will not make any payments for goods or services without an official invoice complete that includes a valid purchase order number.

Our purchase orders are normally in the formats:

  • nnn/nnnnnnn
  • nn/nnnnnnn
  • 0000nnnnn

You can contact out Procurement team if you have any questions about our purchase orders.


To submit invoices to us you need to email bdcpayments@braintree.gov.uk.

All invoices must include the purchase order number.

Invoices will get paid within 30 days, however, we pay all invoices once we receive them back authorised, they are included on the next scheduled payment run.


Procurement Services

Address: Causeway House
Bocking End

Telephone: 01376 552525

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