Poll cards and polling stations

Voting in person

We will send you your poll card at least two weeks before an election.

Poll cards tell you when the election will take place and where you can vote.

Bringing your poll card makes it easier for us to find you on the electoral register.

You need to contact us if you have not received your poll card, or have lost it.

You do not need your poll card to vote.

Find your polling station

If you are voting in person, you can only vote at the polling station on your poll card.

The Democracy Club  update their data for each election, around one month before polling.

Help for voters with disabilities

If you are voting in person, we have some provisions in place for people with disabilities. These include: 

  • a device called a selector. This helps blind or partially-sighted people to vote unaided 
  • ramps, which give wheelchair access to polling stations 
  • help from a companion 
  • help from the presiding officer at the polling station 

If you are not going to be around on polling day you can apply to vote by post or for a proxy vote. 




Electoral Registration Officer and Returning Officer

Address: Causeway House,
Bocking End,

Telephone: 01376 552525

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