General election results 2019

Braintree constituency results

In the 2019 general election, James Cleverly was the winner for the Braintree constituency with 34,112 votes.

  • Joanne Beavis, Independent: 1,488 votes 
  • James Spencer Cleverly, The Conservative Party:  34,112 votes. Elected 
  • Alan Geoffrey Dorkins, Independent: 261 votes 
  • Joshua Issac Daniel Garfield. Labour Party: 9,439 votes 
  • Dominic Charles Graham, Liberal Democrat: 4,779 votes 
  • David James Mansell, Independent: 420 votes

Braintree poll details

  • Electorate: 75,208 
  • Ballot papers verified: 50,757 
  • Ballot papers rejected: 258 
  • Turnout: 67.49%

Witham constituency results

In the 2019 general election, Priti Patel was declared the winner for the Witham constituency with 32,876 votes.

  • James Edward Abbott, The Green Party: 3,090 votes 
  • Martin Edobor, Labour Party: 8,794 votes 
  • Sam North, Liberal Democrat: 4,584 votes 
  • Priti Sushil Patel, The Conservative Party: 32,876 votes. Elected 

Witham poll details

  • Electorate: 70,402 
  • Ballot papers verified: 49,553 
  • Ballot papers rejected: 209 
  • Turnout: 70.39% 

You can find details of previous general election results on the House of Commons Library website. 




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