Home Office releases latest Wethersfield asylum accommodation centre community newsletter

Wethersfield asylum accommodation centre
Wethersfield asylum accommodation centre

The Home Office has released its Wethersfield Asylum Centre newsletter for April/May.

The latest community newsletter regarding the Wethersfield Asylum Accommodation Centre has been published by the Home Office.

The centre is a non-detained accommodation Home Office site established on the former RAF Wethersfield airfield. It is operated by Clearsprings Ready Homes on behalf of the Home Office.

You can read the updates for April/May on the Home Office's Wethersfield website.

Introduced in November 2023, the monthly newsletter also includes input from some of the key partners from the Multi Agency Forum (MAF), a group which supports the centre’s operational planning. 

The MAF consists of representatives from: 

Previous newsletter editions: 

Braintree District Council's position

The council is of the opinion Wethersfield airfield is unsuitable for housing asylum seekers for several reasons, including its isolated location, the lack of capacity in local services and the scale of the development. Our latest statements can be found on our Wethersfield page.

Despite this, we are in daily contact with the Home Office and other agencies to ensure the site’s safe operation for our residents as well as the asylum seekers residing there.

Published: 24th May 2024