First asylum seekers arrive at Wethersfield Airfield site

The Home Office will continue to monitor the site to ensure smooth running and safety

We are aware that the first cohort of 46 asylum seekers have arrived at the Wethersfield Airfield site today (July 12) with more arriving over the coming weeks. 

The Home Office has informed us and partners that they will continue to monitor the situation and to ensure the site is running smoothly and safely. We will continue to work closely with our multi-agency partners to make sure we not only provide support to asylum seekers coming in our district but minimising any negative impacts and concerns to support the wider local community too. 

There remain many pressing matters that need addressing by the Home Office and these were set out in an open letter to Robert Jenrick on Monday which you can read here: We will continue to push for clarification on these points. 

Even with the site now being operational, it doesn’t mean that engagement is over. Please be assured we will continue to raise concerns and questions to the Home Office to ensure local voices are heard and continue encouraging the Home Office and the site provider to engage directly with the wider community. 

For any queries or concerns the local community may have regarding the site, the Home Office have advised people can contact them by emailing

Published: 12th July 2023