Provision of Monetary Relief to Fusion in response to the Covid 19 crisis for April 2020 - Delegated decisions

Decision made by
Andy Wright, Chief Executive
Key decision
Source of delegation
Urgent Decision - Article 13 of the Constitution (February 2020)
The Chief Executive agreed to offer monetary relief of £55.8k for the month of April. This sum consists of the following (figures exclude VAT where applicable):• Waiver of the management fee for April of £16.1k • A grant of £37.9k towards the residual costs detailed within your letter referenced above to be paid by the Council • Waiver of £1.8k against the outstanding PV Panel Recharge owed by Fusion to BDC It is recommended, in common with many other Fusion customers, that BDC do not provide the requested £31.2k a month to fund the 20% of furloughed employee wage costs not covered by the Government funded Job Retention Scheme. The above relief will be paid on the basis that Fusion • Provides full open book accounting, clearly showing the contribution from BDC ; • Engage with Local Partnerships, sharing its efforts to identify opportunities to mitigate cost and secure any Government support that becomes available; • Seeks such insurance compensation as it can under its relevant policies, again providing full transparency and returning sums to the Council if and once they are available; • Confirms that this monetary relief is the only financial recompense which will be sought by Fusion from BDC for April and that additional requests for money under any contractual provisions will not be made; • Removes the £10 per month membership freeze fee currently set for members This relief and the offer of Local Partnership involvement would be offered in full mitigation of the impact on Fusion of Covid-19
Reason for decision
COVID-19 interim arrangements - Urgent Decisions taken by Chief Executive
Consultation and community engagement
Cabinet was consulted
Date decision made
May 4 2020
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