Additional discretionary funding for a replacement boiler to a disabled facility grant works - Delegated decisions

Decision made by
Cabinet member for Environment and Place
To approve the allocation of up to an additional £1,500 discretionary funding to allow the replacement of a boiler in association with a disabled facility grant works
Reason for decision
The Council has already approved the provision of a disabled facility grant
Summary of alternative options

Not to proceed with the replacement of the boiler would leave the family in a predicament and ultimately create bad press provide replacement through Major housing grant. This is means tested and may not automatically qualify. This grant is also fully repayable Repair the boiler only. This would delay the replacement and does not represent good value for money

Background documents
Private Sector Housing Grants Assistance Policy dated March 2014 (revision 7) Application and supporting documentation for the referral DFG and discretionary grants
Declared conflict of interest
Date decision made
June 16 2017
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