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Coggeshall Pieces, Halstead
Coggeshall Pieces,
Hawthorn Close,
About the area

This local wildlife site is situated adjacent to school grounds on the north-east outskirts of Halstead (adjacent to Hawthorn Close). An area of wet wood and scrub characterise this area. Herbs of interest recorded at this site include Cuckooflower (Cardamine pratensis), Pignut (Conopodium majus) and Blunt-flowered Rush (Juncus subnodulosus), now very scarce in the county. The area is also good for 6 species of willow herb, numerous bird species, spiders and two moth surveys have identified a wide range of species, including some of note. Small leaved limes can also be seen here. Three ponds on the site were renovated in 2006 and there is a pond dipping platform for use. There is good access to the surrounding countryside from this site via public rights of way.