Election results for Halstead

The last Essex County Council election took place in 2017.

There is one County Councillor for each of the eight divisions in our district. You can look at Essex County Council to view the results for the other Essex divisions.


Joanne Clare Beavis, The Conservative Party: 1,604 votes. Elected

Anne Jennifer Bishop, The Green Party: 230 votes

Anthony Paul Felton, UK Independence Party (UKIP): 338 votes

Paul Stephen Hooks, British National Party Local People First: 23 votes

Mark Daniel Jarman-Howe, Liberal Democrat: 324 votes

Garry John Warren, Labour Party: 871 votes

Elected candidate
Joanne Clare Beavis, The Conservative Party
Poll details

Electorate: 14,367

Ballot papers issued: 3,741

Turnout: 26.0%