Corporate Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022-23 - Customer satisfaction surveys

We have announced our Corporate Customer Satisfaction Survey results, showing satisfaction rates are still higher than the national average whilst our own survey was open.

We received an overall total of 1052 responses to our survey and below is a list of the results.

Please note that the figures shown are based on how many people responded to each individual question and does not include ‘blanks or don’t knows’ in the count.

The percentage represents a total of those who stated ‘very satisfied’ and ‘fairly satisfied’.

  • 85% of residents are satisfied with the Braintree District as a place to live
  • 72%are satisfied with the way Braintree District Council runs things
  • 54% feel that the council offers value for money
  • 74% of residents feel well informed about council services
  • 70% of residents are satisfied with the way the council keeps the district clear of litter
  • 86% of residents are satisfied with waste collections
  • 73% of residents are satisfied with parks and open spaces
  • 67% of residents are satisfied with sports and leisure facilities

We asked residents to give their feedback in the survey which ran from March 2022 to May 2023.

The survey was promoted in several ways including in the residents’ Contact magazine posted to every household, on the council’s website, telephone surveys, shared with the council’s People’s Panel and published in local newspapers.

We would like to thank everyone who took participated in our survey and for sharing your feedback with us.