Great Notley Cycle Path - Delegated decisions

Decision made by

Cllr John McKee, Cabinet Member for Corporate Transformation

Key decision


Source of delegation

Learn Scheme of Delegation for 2019/20 - Paragraph 3.2.3


Transfer small parcel of land to Essex County Council at all consideration for the purpose of creating a fully complaint cycleway.

Reason for decision

Essex County Council (ECC) is looking to expand a small section of the footpath ot become a fully compliant cycleway. The transfer of the land will benefit the Great Notley Path and maintenance will become the liability of the County Council. The Value of the land is nominal (£100.00) as it is a very small area, approximately 5 square metres. The decision to dispose of the land that forms part of an open space is subject to publication of a s.123 LGA 1972 disposal notice and any objections received will be duty considered by Cllr Mckee.

Summary of alternative options

Not to transfer the land to Essex County Council

Declared conflict of interest

There are no conflicts of interest.

Equality and diversity implications


There are no equality or diversity issues arising from this decision. 



There are no safeguarding issues arising from this decision.


There is no legal issues arising from this decision.

Customer impact


There is no customer impact arising from this decision. 

Environment and climate change

There are no environment and/or climate change issues arising from this decision.

Consultation and community engagement

There are no consultation/community engagement issues arising this decision.

Date decision made

17 September 2020

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