Commercial Waste Crew Survey Results 2019 - Customer satisfaction surveys

In July 2019, all Commercial customers were invited to take part in a customer satisfaction survey to score and comment on the overall performance and service standards provided by the Council’s Commercial Waste and Recycling Team. A total of 1,200 questionnaires were sent out and 150 people responded, representing a response rate of 13%. The results of the survey are detailed below.page1image45586048

Q1. In your most recent customer service experience, how did you contact us?

  • In Person: 15 (7%)
  • By Phone: 93 (46%)
  • Internet: 66 (33%)
  • By Letter/ email: 29 (14%)
Q2. Did our representative...  Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Strongly agree or agree Disagree or strongly disagree
(a) Reply promptly? 67 118 4 3 96% 4%
(b) Appear knowledgeable and competent? 65 115 3 2 97% 3%
(c) Handle issues with courtesy and professionalism? 85 116 3 1 98% 2%
(d) Resolve the issue quickly? 78 104 7 7 93% 7%

Q3. Do you find the collection crews polite & friendly?

107 100 2 2 98% 2%

Q4. Is the service regular/reliable?

108 108 3 0 99% 1%

Q5.  Are the bins returned correctly after emptying (i.e. to the same place they were collected from)?

96 103 2 4 97% 3%

Q6. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being best and 5 worst),how would you rate the overall performance of the collection crews?

Score Responses Percentage 
1 110 52.1%
2 74 35.1%
3 20 9.5%
4 4 1.9%
5 3 1.4%

These are positive results which highlight the excellent work carried out by the Commercial Waste Team and Crews.

Commercial Waste costs are reviewed annually to ensure prices are competitive for customers within the District.

Q7. On a scale of 1 to 5(1 being best and 5 worst), how would you rate the customer service experience

Score Responses Percentage 
1 65 52.4%
2 43 34.7%
3 12 9.7%
4 2 1.6%
5 2 1.6%

Q8. How likely are you to recommend our Commercial Waste and Recycling Service?

Score Responses Percentage 
Very likely 57 47%
Likely 61 50%
Unlikely 3 2%
Very Unlikely 0 0%

Comments and suggestions

  • You guys are doing an excellent job. Keep doing. Thanks
  • Have never had to contact Commercial Waste and Recycling service
  • Putting return address on letter would be handy as scan and email isn’t always an option. Thank you. A return address will be included in future.
  • Glass collection in our area please. The Council already offers glass collections to commercial customers. Great customer service and speed to get our waste solution agreed and collected. Thank you David!
  • Blue trade waste bags are very poor quality for the price. They rip easily and hold minimal weight. They need to be made more heavy duty. They are extortionately priced! We believe this was an isolated incident as no other complaints have been received. We have exchanged the customer’s sacks for a fresh supply and will examine the old sacks and if necessary take this up with our supplier.
  • Missed collections. Delay in delivering waste sacks. Several telephone calls to BDC to rectify. We aim to respond promptly to service requests and are disappointed that this particular customer received less than satisfactory service. We have contacted the customer direct to resolve their concerns.
  • Very good customer service.
  • They're effective at clearing our rubbish every week.
  • We have the best collection guys. Polite friendly.
  • All good. Thank you.
  • The bin collections are always good. The staff always very good too. The employees are nice and polite and very helpful.
  • Our collection is for every 3 weeks but it is a bit "hit and miss" and we have had to chase a couple of times. But otherwise good service.
  • Always polite and clean and quick.
  • Keep up to good work and keep the prices low and competitive.