Corporate Customer Satisfaction Survey 2018-19 - Customer satisfaction surveys


Firstly, thank you to all those who have taken the time and effort to fill out our Corporate Customer Satisfaction Survey. Gathering the views of more than 1100 people not only means that these results are statistically sound but also means we get to read a fascinating range of views.

I am very proud that consistently our residents’ satisfaction in this council is above the national average of all local authorities. I am also humbled to see that our residents are overwhelmingly satisfied with the district as a place to live and how we run things.

You will know that all local authorities have been

under pressure when it comes to funding over the past few years but we are a council that always strives to do better. We remain

committed to making sure the district is a clean and healthy place to live and work, has the right infrastructure for growth, has good jobs on our doorstep and offers our taxpayers good value for money.

Your comments – both positive and negative – are essential to us so that
we know what you are thinking and can make the right improvements to the services we carry out. I can assure you that your comments, concerns and compliments are fed into our decision making and the insight you give helps us shape our services.


We believe that understanding audiences is essential to help us provide the most effective services for our residents and businesses.
As a council, we regularly carry out customer satisfaction surveys such as this one, to help us identify what is working well but also where we can make improvements and enhance customer experience.


A public consultation exercise was undertaken to establish customer satisfaction levels of the area as a place to live; value for money; how well informed; the way the council runs things and 4 of the ‘super- services’ Braintree District Council provides.

The consultation was promoted through a number of different channels and was undertaken during the months of September 2018 up to the end of March 2019.

It was also sent to the Braintree District’s People’s Panel (184 residents) via e-mail, with a link to the on-line form.

The overall total number of respondents was 1160 exceeding the target response rate by 159.

Customer feedback and GDPR

Braintree District Council is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. For the purposes of data protection, Braintree District Council is a data controller and all personal information held is processed in accordance with data protection legislation.

It is necessary for the Council to gather, collect, store and process personal information to contact you if you have consented to join the People’s Panel to enable the Council to send you surveys. Information you provide will also be used to understand the demographics of the survey results.

The Council puts measures in place to protect the privacy of individuals throughout this process. Data that you provide will be used for statistical analysis to help the Council review services. The results of the survey will be published on our website and only statistical information will be published. Any comments provided on the survey will be shared with the relevant departments within the Council to help us improve our quality of service to you. Your personal information will not be shared with any third parties.

The information you provide will be retained for two years after the survey has taken place after which it will be securely destroyed.

For further details on how we maintain the security of your personal information, your rights to access the information we hold on you, including correcting or removing your information, you can view our privacy pages.

Methods of communications and respective response rates in ranking order:

Method of communication Response rates

Face to Face/CSC






Contact (paper)


People’s Panel


Council Page




A sample size of 1160 of the District’s population 151,677 (ONS mid-year 2017 estimates) calculates a confidence level at 95%, +/- 2.87% confidence interval.

Customer comments and trends

This survey allowed us to gain invaluable customer comments and insights.
As well as closed questions we also asked ‘Please tell us why’ after each question. The chart opposite shows the trend in the comments from the public:

Total number of respondents: 1160

Total number of individual comments: 3304

Overall trending comments in ranking order

Comments Number Percentage

BDC runs things

768 23.23%

Place to live

471 14.26%

Keeping District clear of litter

391 11.83%

Recycling and Waste

376 11.38%

Sports and Leisure

357 10.81%

Parks & Open spaces

356 10.77%

Value for money

279 8.44%

How well informed

245 7.42%

Contact comments*

59 1.79%

Additional comments

2 0.06%

Total comments received: 3304