Cycling strategy

Your opinion counts

We would like to hear your views on our draft Cycling Strategy, to see if we have got our priorities right.

Our strategy sets out how we will encourage more people to take up cycling and help improve the cycle network in both urban and rural areas.    

Our aims are to:

  • Double the number of cycling trips by 2030.   
  • Encourage residents to see cycling as a normal, enjoyable and everyday activity for the majority of short journeys.  
  • Develop a safer and more comprehensive cycle network for cyclists to give greater assurance, particularly for less experienced cyclists.  
  • Make cycling more inclusive and open to a wider demographic.   

You are encouraged to give your views on which of these aspects, if any, should take priority in boosting the move to more cycling:

  • Creating coherent cycle networks
  • Securing funding opportunities
  • Working with partners to promote cycling
  • Promotion of cycling and cycling facilities
  • Encouraging changes in behaviour
  • Promotion of electric and cargo bikes
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Your feedback will help shape the final version of the strategy and future action plans on how to leverage support from stakeholders.

The public engagement for the Cycling Strategy closed at midnight Sunday 4 July 2021. You can keep an eye on our usual communication channels for more information.

The final strategy will be presented to Full Council later in the year where we will share what we found out from asking you!

Download the full strategy