Ramsey Road Recreation Ground Consultation

Overview of consultation

We secured £250,000.00 of Section 106 funding to improve the functionality and appearance of Ramsey Road Recreation Ground in Halstead.

In June 2019, the funding from the developers began to become available and a three phase consultation and construction programme was proposed.

The project being split into three key stages, with the potential to be flexible as feedback from the consultation guides us through the process.

Phase One

  • Information gathering to identify partners and level of interest to help drive the consultation process
  • Initial consultation survey and event to include an opportunity for an meeting on-site for local residents and an on-line survey to gather concerns, aspirations and design ideas for the area

Phase Two

  • Draft a concept design for the area taking into account the comments from the initial survey and available budget
  • Run a second, wider consultation event to allow local residents and interested stakeholders to comment on the design and suggest amendments
  • Finalise design based on consultation

Phase Three

  • Planning application, if required
  • Tender out contract for works
  • Construction phase

This report outlines the first phase of consultation carried out over summer 2019, which sought to understand the key issues in the park, what residents see as positive elements of the park currently and those areas where improvements should be focused.

The responses will inform the next stage whereby a concept design will be produced in consultation with Halstead Town Council for comment on by local residents, along with a request to set priority order for all suggested elements for delivery.

The consultation ran from 11 July 2019 until 27 September 2019, generating a total of 61 responses. This consultation report illustrates support for intervention in the park and provides a guide for those areas requiring improvements as a priority.


We know from the consultation analysis regarding the park’s needs.       

There are reoccurring themes throughout the answers to the questions about what the park is currently used for and the improvements required. The results indicate that the following list of need could be approached in the following priority order.

  • There is a need to remove the existing skate park and to replace it with an similar facilities
  • There is a need to review the existing play equipment and increased equipment for older children and add accessible equipment
  • There is a need to provide a year-round footpath for access
  • There is a need to provide additional seating around the park
  • The design should be responsive to the current issues with ASB

We know from the consultation analysis regarding the respondents.

  • As part of the next stage of consultation the age group 11-24 should be targeted and effort should be made to engage both genders to increase participation, as they are the group that many have commented the park needs to be improved for
  • Residents immediately adjacent to the park have not responded in high percentages suggesting the park is not currently a major cause of ASB
  • Those who have commented about ASB have responded in similar themes and as part of the next stages we should look to engage with the police to get their input into the concept design


The information that has come to light through the consultation and use it to prepare a concept plan. For the investment of Section 106 money to improve Ramsey Road recreation ground. To continue to engage with the whole community during the next part of the process.