Investing in new vehicles to join our fleet

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Investing in new vehicles to join our fleet

We have taken delivery of eight new collection vehicles as part of our vehicle replacement programme. Introducing new models to our fleet, gives us the opportunity to move towards using more environmentally friendly vehicles. Their clean and green technology includes Euro 6 diesel fuel efficient engines, giving more miles per litre and less emissions.

The new vehicles also have electric bin lifts which are more robust, less noisy when lifting bins and need minimal maintenance. They are battery powered and recharge whilst the vehicle undertakes its collection rounds. This eco-friendly switch over to electric helps to cut down on carbon emissions.

These vehicles move in the right direction towards tackling climate change. We will continue to explore the development of the market and technology in alternative fuel collection vehicles, such as electric and hybrid. This will support operation in our large and rural district.

The council’s aim is to reduce the carbon emissions of its waste collection as far as possible, whilst still being economically viable.