Cycling strategy


The purpose of the Cycling Strategy is to help make cycling and walking in the Braintree District safer, more convenient and desirable. This is for all ages and abilities, whether for work, school or leisure. We want to create a better connected network of high quality cycling and walking routes. To do this, we will take advantage of the opportunities that new development can bring in to achieve this goal.

We recognise that cycling and walking are important in supporting better physical and mental health, and reducing our impact on the environment, as well as congestion on our roads.

From 10 May 2021 to 4 July 2021, we ran a public engagement exercise on the priorities of the strategy. We received almost 700 responses from Braintree residents, businesses, employees, visitors and stakeholders.

We have reviewed the responses, and made changes to the strategy following the feedback. We have now created the final strategy.

The Cycling  Strategy sets out our policy to support cycling. It presents a plan of action to deliver greater numbers of cycling trips, with a target of doubling the amount of cycle trips in the District by 2030.

We are working in partnership with internal and external colleagues and organisations including Essex County Council, on our Implementation Plan. This is to identify and put in place the improvements to cycling and walking infrastructure in Braintree District. The draft Implementation Plan will be updated annually as we work with our partners to deliver the strategic priorities of our Cycling Strategy. 

More information on cycling in the District, including route maps can be found on Visit Braintree and Livewell.

Download the draft implementation plan

How you can get involved

As we progress the strategy, we would like to work with partners and hear from you. If this interests you, contact to get involved.

Download the full strategy