Alphamstone & Lamarsh - Information about Parishes in the district

Overview of the Parish

Alphamstone & Lamarsh are two villages located in the north-east of the Braintree District with Lamarsh is on the border with Suffolk (Babergh District).

The Parishes are in the more rural north-eastern area of the District, where Suffolk and particularly the nearby town of Sudbury would also provide services for residents.  

The population of Alphamstone & Lamarsh is 387 (Census 2011).

Map of the Parish

For a location plan which shows where the Parishes of Alphamstone & Lamarsh are located within the rest of the Braintree District, please download the Key Housing Needs Statistics for Alphamstone & Lamarsh. 


Housing needs statistics

Guide to data & sources (Parishes version)

A guide to reading the key housing needs statistics. It contains more detailed information on sources and how to read and interpret the data.

Guide to data & sources (Parishes version)  (PDF)

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Alphamstone & Lamarsh Housing Needs Statistics

Download the key housing needs statistics for Alphamstone & Lamarsh

Alphamstone & Lamarsh Housing Needs Statistics 2023  (PDF)

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