Average waiting times

The average waiting times for applicants for an affordable rented home in the Braintree District, shown by property type are available to download.

These show the average waiting time from when an applicant has been accepted on Braintree District Council's system in a specific band to when they have been offered and accepted a home. (Taken from all applicants who have been housed between April 2009 to August 2013).

These are averages across the whole District. Some locations have a low supply or even sometimes no supply at all of certain property types which would give a very different waiting time for that location.

If you are interested in waiting times for a home in a very specific smaller location in the District, also see the Key Housing Needs Statistics for the village to understand the supply of the specific type of property in that location. Or alternatively view the Heat Maps section of the Housing StatNav.

Waiting Times by Property Type 2014

View the data on district Average waiting times by property type