Temporary changes to construction working hours (Covid-19)

Currently, the standard hours' restrictions we impose as a planning condition are:

  • 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday
  • 8:00am to 1:00pm Saturday
  • no working on Sundays or Bank Holidays

In line with Government guidance, we will support reasonable requests from developers to implement modest or short-term changes to the standard planning conditions on hours of operation at construction sites. These requests, must:

  • be for a temporary period
  • be put in place to ensure safe working in line with social distancing guidelines
  • not go beyond 9.00pm Monday to Saturday
  • end by September 30 2021

We can only refuse applications if there are very compelling reasons.

How to Apply

You must apply to us if you want to change the working hours restriction that we set as a planning condition.

To support your application, you will need to provide details of:

  • the planning permission to which the application relates
  • the existing agreed construction working hours
  • details to identify the condition or approved document such as a construction management plan which details the working hours
  • the proposed revised construction working hours
  • the date the revised construction working hours should take effect
  • the date you submitted the application
  • the date the revised construction working hours will stop. This should be no later than September 30 2021

To help us make a decision quickly, you should also provide:

  • reasons why the extended hours are necessary to enable safe working practices on site
  • a list of the primary construction activities, you expect to take place during the extended working hours. This includes any plant and equipment you will be using
  • an assessment of the likely impact of noise upon sensitive uses near to the site, (such as dwellings, hospitals and care homes)
  • details of their mitigation plan

Government guidance makes it clear that:

you can only make your application online. You will need to email your application to [email protected]

any relaxation of working hours conditions should not extend beyond September 30 2021.

We will therefore only consider requests up until September 30 2021.

After you apply

Once we receive your application we will respond in writing within 14 days to:

  • confirm our agreement to your request or
  • decline the request, where there are compelling reasons to do so

Responsible construction management and safeguarding residents

While we want to support the construction industry during this time, it is also essential that adequate safeguards remain in place to protect neighbouring residential amenity.

If we approve an application we will ask you to:

  • provide a contact name, telephone number, e-mail address for the site manager who our Planning Enforcement and Environmental Health teams can speak to about any complaints
  • make sure you manage the construction site in a responsible and sympathetic manner having regard to the fact that some residents may be confined to their homes during Covid-19;
  • be considerate to neighbouring residential properties and restrict noisy and disruptive working practices to standard construction working hours and ensure staff are considerate when arriving and leaving the site
  • notify neighbouring residential properties in writing and provide them with contact details of the site manager so residents are able to raise any concerns directly.

Our noise nuisance enforcement powers remain unchanged, and if we find a noise nuisance, our Council’s Environmental Health team will continue to take appropriate action.


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