Site Allocations and Development Management Plan


Work has stopped on this plan, as detailed further below...

  • At the Full Council meeting on 30th June 2014, Councillors took the decision to not submit the Site Allocations and Development Management (ADMP) to the Planning Inspectorate for examination, but to instead begin work immediately on a New Local Plan. The report to Council sets out the reasons for this decision in more detail.
  • At its Full Council meeting on 15th September 2014, Councillors agreed that the ADMP as amended by Further Changes be adopted for use within development management decision making. The Council's view is that the document should be given appropriate weight in all matters under consideration and that these are material considerations for the Council.

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Braintree District Council has been producing a Site Allocations and Development Management Plan (the Plan). This Plan was to provide detailed land use allocations across the District, including settlement boundaries and policies used in the determination of planning applications. The Plan applied the minimum housing targets set out in the Core Strategy (approved 2011).

However, since work on the Plan began, the national planning policy picture has changed substantially and the Regional Spatial Strategy, from which our housing target in the Core Strategy was derived, has been abolished. As the Council began to gather evidence on what the new housing target would be, it became clear that it would be higher than that which is presently set out in the Core Strategy and Site Allocations and Development Management Plan.

The work completed on the Site Allocations and Development Management Plan and the comments which have been received, will now be rolled forward into the Local Plan process and will form a large part of the Plan. This Local Plan will include all major planning policy for the District in a single document and will need to meet the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework - including that local authorities should 'boost significantly' their supply of housing.

We would like to thank all those who have taken the time to engage with us in this process either by providing consultation responses, participating at LDF Sub Committee meetings or attending one of the many consultation events. Your input has been essential to the process and we hope that you will continue to engage with us as we work on the Local Plan.

Work on a new Local Plan has started and a Call for Sites finished in October.

Updated December 2014

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